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Advertising Options

CPM Campaign

(Cost Per 1,000 Impressions)
Where you purchase banner space on our network of sites for a period of time from one to six months.

CPM Banner Rates

The CPM rates range from US $30.00 per thousand banners to US $50.00 per thousand banners depending on the length of the campaign, placement of banners, banner sizes, and quantity of banners.

CPM Options

Option A
120x240 and 468x60 banners in the casino directory sections of the network

Option B
250x250 banners in the casino directory sections of the network

Option C
120x240 and 468x60 banners across the entire network

Option D
250x250 banners across the entire network

CPA Referral Campaign

(Cost Per Acquisition)
Whenever a player clicks on a text link or banner ad and deposits money to play on the site, we receive a referral fee for that player.

CPA Rates

The rates for a CPA campaign begin at US $200.00 and go as high as US $400.00 per referral.

CPA Options

Run your banners throughout the entire consumer advertising network.

Include Featured Site*
Feature your sites in our network.

Include E-mail Service*
We'll send out sponsored e-mails to our viewers. The e-mail is a special offer and is sent as the cover of our newsletter. This is typically done once during a campaign.

Home Page Special
Run your banner on our home page plus all the options listed above.

Note: Options with (*) do not include inital CPA Rates.