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Advertising Code of Conduct
  1. Lawful Business Conduct and Regulatory Compliance

    Advertiser represents that it abides by all laws, regulations, and applicable license requirements of the jurisdiction within which it conducts business. If a license is required to conduct the advertisers business within said jurisdiction, then advertiser agrees to provide evidence of said license upon request.

  2. Truth in Advertising

    Advertiser agrees to be truthful in all promotions and to publish only accurate information about its operations. Any rules and registration procedures affecting the public will be made publicly available.

  3. Bonuses, Winnings, and Account Balances

    Advertiser will credit the accounts of its customers with bonuses and winnings earned in accordance with advertisers published rules and procedures. Advertiser will promptly pay its customers any balance in their account upon their request.

  4. Consumer Complaints

    Advertiser will promptly respond to any complaint forwarded by Casino City on behalf of a Casino City website visitor. If the complaint alleges the advertiser failed to comply with these terms the Advertiser agrees to either provide reasonable evidence it complied with these terms, or to offer a fair resolution of the complaint.

  5. Advertiser Responsibility

    Advertiser accepts responsibility for compliance with these terms. If Casino City reasonably believes an advertiser has failed to comply with these terms after having made a good-faith effort to consult with the Advertiser, then Casino City may reschedule the advertisers campaign until such time as Casino City has determined that the Advertiser is in compliance with these terms.

  6. Term

    Advertiser agrees that it will comply with the terms of this Advertising Code of Conduct and the terms of any advertising proposal referencing this Advertising Code of Conduct (the "Agreed Terms") beginning with the date the advertiser acccepts the advertising proposal. The Agreed Terms will remain in full force and effect for an indefinite term unless modified by mutual agreement or terminated by either party upon six (6) months advance notice.

  7. Revisions

    Casino City may revise this Advertiser Code of Conduct upon thirty (30) day notice to Advertiser, which modifications are deemed accepted unless Casino City is otherwise notified prior to their taking effect.

  8. GPWA Sponsors

    Advertisers who are sponsors of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association are also bound by the terms of the GPWA sponsor code of conduct published at